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Paul is an UX Designer from Amsterdam. A big fan of working in small teams and building something testable as soon as possible. Take a look at his work or drop him a line!

Latest projects

New Feature Design for Relive

Relive allows you to relive your epic sports adventure through a 3D Video. It was not possible to compare yourself to your friends’ adventures that took place earlier. With the design of a new feature, users can now combine multiple runs into one single clip.¬†

Concept Development | User Research | Prototyping | Testing

One week

Designing Tinder for Musicians

Finding new bandmembers is tough. Cowbell is a concept design for a webapp that smoothly matches musicians to bands, accounting for music styles, instruments and overall vibe. In one week an MVP was built as Proof of Concept.

Concept Development  | Prototyping | Testing | Shipping

One week

Satellite data for all

Bird’s AI is a satellite data start-up. They were unsure who their specific users were, and their UI was very limited and not self-explanatory. Thanks to a market analysis, a clear user analysis, and a redesign of the UI, all types of users will know how satellite data can empower them.

Market analysis | User Research | Prototyping | Testing

Two weeks

Calling Fair Traders into action

FairTrade is a global movement that caters to a lot of different types of users. FairTrade Peru has difficulty explaining on their current website how and why visitors should become involved. A homepage redesign clearly calls visitors into to action supported by strong storytelling.

Information Architecture  | Prototyping | Storytelling | Responsive Design

Three days

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